Drones and the Real Estate Market

Recently, drones have made huge waves in the news, real estate industry, and advancements in aerial photography and cinematography.

In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration made it much easier for businesses to operate drones. The FAA announced operational rules that permit the flight of drones as long as they meet a set of requirements including weighing less than 55 pounds, adhering to existing registration requirements, and drone pilots must pass an unmanned aircraft operator test.

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These new operational rules have legitimized drones which once operated in a grey area throughout the cityscape, and their usage has flourished within industries such as real estate.

Drones are being utilized within the real estate industry to show properties from a new perspective that was unavailable until now. Prospective buyers are able to gain a much better sense of a property through aerial overview footage without even having to set up a viewing.

According to Market Watch, as Seattle has one of the hottest housing markets in the country, many buyers are skipping the home inspection step of negotiations in order to finalize the sales of their dream homes. In these cases, drones can be utilized to check out the roof, ensure that chimneys are without damage, and even view a house if there is no access available.

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This new visual medium also allows agents and sellers to work together to create stunning property profiles through dramatically engaging photography and cinematography.

As an early adapter of this technology, I have utilized drones to share the unique story of properties that I represent.

Away From It All | 7736 NE North St Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110 United States | $2,250,000

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