4 Reasons To Sell This Winter

Winter tends to be the slow season in real estate. Inventory traditionally is low and sellers like to wait until Spring to think about listing. But if you are ready to sell your house, I actually think late Winter is the absolute best time to sell.

1. Serious buyers

Even during the “off” season families still have to move, whether it is for a job change or life event, these buyers tend to be serious because they are on a timeframe, and the number of “lookers” are reduced in the off season.

2. Less competition

Inventory is low in the Winter and this year it is VERY low. Out of the almost 8000 homes on Bainbridge, there are only 59 currently for sale. Buyers are out looking but cannot find what they need. With less competition your home will stand out.

3. The process will be easier

Inspectors, lenders and County services have less business this time of year due to the low number of transactions occurring. It will be much easier to schedule an inspection or obtain staging in the Winter because due to the slowdown.

4. Great time to move up

It is a unique time, rates are still quite low and appreciation is expected to continue its increase in the foreseeable future. Interest rates have been creeping up slightly, with the 30-year mortgage at around 4%. Further, local economists predict home prices to continue to rise though 2017.