4 Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Waterfront Property

In a recent article, Shannon Petrie, a writer for HGTV, detailed the importance of evaluating your lifestyle in order to find the perfect waterfront property. Here are four key take-a-ways from that you should consider when searching for waterfront properties.

Evaluate your lifestyle

According to Petrie, one of the most important elements to examine when searching for a waterfront property is determining your passions and the type waterfront lifestyle you will enjoy. A waterfront property is an all-encompassing term that covers many different types of properties.

To narrow your search down, it is necessary to determine the types of activities you enjoy (boating, fishing, kayaking, etc), if you want sandy beach access (great for young children and easy water access for older individuals), salt or fresh water, and even small details such if you would like to hear the waves crashing on the shore at night.

Lifestyle needs

Waterfront properties can be located in very remote areas we as well as within the cityscape. It is important to evaluate your lifestyle needs when deciding where to purchase a waterfront properties. Things to take into account are; proximity to schools, if you have medical needs be sure that you are conveniently located near a hospital, and if you are a frequent flyer you should ensure that the commute to the nearest airport is not far away.


Petrie details that privacy is often directly related to the amount of frontage from the water that a property has and recommends that 150-200 feet will give you a peaceful sense of privacy.

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Work with an expert broker

An article by Glenn S. Phillips of Lake Homes Realty encourages homebuyers and sellers to work with an agent who specializes in waterfront properties. There are many differing factors to take into account when considering a waterfront property compared to a non-waterfront property. For example; hidden costs such as boat dock/lift fees, insurance requirements, exterior corrosion due to increased salt in the air, and historical shoreline research.

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