It’s Fall! 3 Must-Do Autumn Maintenance Tips

As the memory of Summer fades and the jackets come back out, it's a great time to make sure our houses are prepared for the coming months. A few minutes of preparation could make the winter more pleasant and save you from some unwanted surprises.

1. Furnace Needs a Checkup

Your furnace needs to be serviced yearly. The Fall is the perfect time as we head in to colder months and start to really use it. Need someone to call? These three are excellent:

  • Advanced Heat & Cooling – 360.415.9335
  • Air Masters – 206.842.0495
  • Dana’s Heating & Air – 360.876.7670

The yearly service is a great way to ensure no problems pop up when it starts to freeze.

2. Check Your Roof

Rainy season is upon us and it is imperative that nothing has changed on your roof that would let water in. We have had quite a windy year so I wouldn’t skip this.

Unless you have a low pitch single-story roof, I wouldn’t recommend making the trek up there. But if you have a set of binoculars you can see just about everything from the ground.

Be sure to check the shingles carefully. If they seem out of place then a roofing contractor should look at them. Keep an eye out for rust on the flashing as well. Finally, while you are thinking about it, it might be a good time to get the gutters cleaned.

Need a pro? Here are a few:

  • Hanley Roofing & Construction – 206.842.4321
  • Valentine Roofing – 360.692.1526
  • Cloise & Mike Construction Inc. – 360.769.0141
  • Gutters: Gutter Girls – 360.871.1700

3. Drainage Is Important

Drainage is critical in the Northwest but is something that often gets overlooked. Water should be diverted away from the house, which means the soil from your foundation to your yard should drop at least 6” for every 10’. If it doesn’t, over time you will encounter issues with your foundation and basement.

Take a walk around the house and see if all your soil is sloping away from the foundation. If it isn’t? Give your landscaper a call. Here a few good ones:

  • Marcos Juarez - 360.551.1688
  • Lupe’s Lawn Care - 206.369.2913
  • Natural Landscaping | Marcos Larios – 360.265.2330

P.S. – now is also a great time to get your spigots covered and hoses put away!