Simple Staging Ideas For Selling Your Home

When selling your home, staging provides the best appeal to buyers and can bring a quick sale at a higher price. Even small changes can create a more inviting space and an emotional connection that will make a lasting impression. Here are some simple staging ideas you can use, whether you are preparing your home for sale, or an upcoming open house.



Pops of color in the kitchen and dining room, through plants, can bring a fresh and lively feel. Plants that are edible and colorful highlight their utility while bringing life. Prepared drinks, cookbooks and place-settings on the kitchen table can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the dining spaces.



Distinguishing each room will highlight your homes maximum value and purpose. Whether it’s displaying office supplies in a corner or rearranging furniture to highlight a formal living room and casual family area; each space’s function will stand out. Differentiation will provide potential buyers with the mindset in which they can then envision their own family’s life within your home.


When staging a home, outdoor space can easily be neglected. However, it can be a huge selling point and a way to differentiate your home from others. If you have a large deck consider staging it with additional dining space or a cozy spot to sit around an outdoor fire. Show buyers that your large, grassy, backyard is perfect for kids by laying out a game such as croquet. For water front homes or homes with a pool, remind buyers that its perfect for summer by laying out a beach towel and a magazine. Always remember that you can highlight lifestyle pieces in many parts of your home, even in your yard.