As Seattle's Population Density Increases, People Look Outside The City for Stunning PNW Scenery to Own

According to a recent article by the Seattle Times, when compared with other major cities such as New York and San Francisco, Seattle’s urban sprawl is much less densely populated relative to our counterparts.

For example, if Seattle had the same density of New York, our population would fit into just 28% of Seattle’s land area.

That being said, Seattle’s recent expansion to having the 10th highest population density in the nation, the highest number of construction cranes dotting our cityscape’s horizon, a recent tech boom, and foreign investors means that our urban landscape is changing and evolving forward at a rapid rate.

To read the full article, please visit: The Seattle Times | Dense city? These maps show just how spread out Seattle actually is

Seattle Times writer Mike Rosenberg details that in 2010, Seattle had 7,251 residents per square mile, while in 2015 the city had an estimated 8,154 people per square mile. This would make Seattle one of most rapidly densifying cities in the nation.

Seattle is known for its stunning outdoor spaces and residents aren’t always fond of living in such close proximity to their neighbors. Stunning areas outside the core of our city, such Bainbridge Island, have become highly attractive for those searching for their dream home or investment properties. Bainbridge Island is a beautiful, rural, wooded island with great public schools, abundant recreation and a small-town way of life that’s to be admired. It is also as close as you can be to Seattle while still having Puget Sound in between as a buffer. Sports, jobs, arts, education, entertainment – Seattle has it all and it’s a 35-minute ferry ride away.

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Here is a sneak peak of some the gorgeous properties currently available on the island.