Dips in Mortgage Rates Entice Homebuyers

One of the hot topics in real estate has been the increase in mortgage rates since the inauguration of President Donald Trump; with 30-year mortgage rates increasing from 3.5 percent pre-election to a national average of 4.2 percent on January 5th, 2017. Although this was a scare for potential home buyers, there is good news.

Still Historically Low

Although a rise in interest rates might seem daunting, it is important to put these current rates in a historical context. According to Forbes; the 1970s saw interest rates at an average of 8.9 percent, in the 1980s at 12.7 percent, the 1990s at 8.1 percent, and during the 2000s at 6.3 percent. While we have seen increases in the mortgage rate post-election, they still relatively low in a historical context.

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Decreasing Mortgage Rates

According to a recent Seattle Times article, 30-year fixed mortgage rates fell this week for the second straight week; declining from 4.23 percent last week to 4.14 percent this week (on March 30th, 2017) with 15-year mortgage rates easing from 4.44 percent to 3.39 percent in the same time span. This decrease in mortgage rates has been enticing to homebuyers, especially in the Seattle area which has had the hottest housing market across the nation for the past five months.

To learn more, please visit: The Seattle Times | Average US 30-year mortgage rate slips to 4.14 percent

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