Extraordinary Getaways: UK!

Continuing my series on the extraordinary getaways from around the world, we are landing in the UK for our next stop.  (See part 1: France, part 2: Italy)

We are exploring comparable price points to Bainbridge Island, with the idea of packing up and leaving the country for a while, and found some interesting getaways I would like to share. From Oxford to London, if you sold your home in the $800k-1.5M price point you could have some pretty wonderful options.


Situated along the banks of the River Thames, this home immediately stood out with its incredible landscape. Abundant wildlife, the river outside your front door, and your own riverside garden. What more could you need?

Oxford, England, United Kingdom


A modern take on traditional mews, this London flat is perfect for those wanting the city life. The outside is adorable, with only needing some flowers in those boxes to really make it pop. And the inside is a perfect blank slate for your imagination to run wild.

London, England, United Kingdom


This gated estate is more formal than the rest, but the gardens and stately architecture make it hard to ignore. But the best part is being in the heart of the Esher town center…which looks like an incredible place to explore.

Esher, England, United Kingdom