Home Design Predictions for 2019

As we prepare to move into the new calendar year, we are beginning to think about real estate trends for the coming year in a variety of ways, from market fundamentals and value appreciation to home décor and architecture. Below we’ve compiled some of the top home design predictions for 2019.


Taylor Morrison released their nine top designs for the year and as Lee Crowder, design gallery and model home branding manager for Taylor Morrison says “one trend we’re seeing is a shift toward become eco-friendlier and bringing healthy lifestyles straight into our homes.” One popular way to embrace this trend is by bringing plants indoors — “bringing touches from the outdoors inside is not only an aesthetic choice, but real plants also provide the benefit of filtering the harmful chemicals out of your home.” Try to opt for natural materials when possible and use flat finishes for a healthier environment. Many homeowners are also incorporating earth tones into their design, which is the easiest way to bring the ambience of the outdoors in.


Aesthetic vs. Livability

Brittany Wightman, a Charlotte-based design consultant, says that many single people are choosing more elaborate design, such as an all-white living room or opulent space. Families, however, are looking for low-maintenance options and finishes that don’t require lots of TLC. Wightman recommends “choosing quartz over granite and opting for larger tiles over smaller ones, [which] means less grout to clean.”

Arielle Assouline-Lichten, founder of New-York based design firm Slash Objects, tells Refinery 29 that brass highlights will be very popular in homes this year. Brass is great because it is “ornate but not stuffy.” Try incorporating a touch of brass with a small side table or a chic mirror to add some glamor.

Fashion in the Home

Many of the trends from the runway are making their way into home design. For example, Crowder says that the tartan plaids and browns that we saw in clothing have now translated into furniture design, accessories and more. According to Crowder, “if you see it on the runway you will start seeing it trickle down into home fashion shortly thereafter.”

Jewel and Pastels

This year will be about the “ice cream cone colors,” such as baby blue, mint green, and blushing pink. If pastels don’t fit your aesthetic, then look to jewel tones such as sapphire and emerald, which will be popular in the coming year.

To be sure, Refinery 29 reports that using high-gloss paint to create a bold “jewelry box” effect will be popular this year. To achieve the right look, be sure to invest in high-quality brushes, and clean and prime the area, because a high-gloss paint is not very forgiving.

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