May Home Maintenance Tips

We are moving through May and the summer will be here before we know it, which means now is a great time to check some home maintenance items off your to-do list to prepare for summer cookouts and relaxing evenings spent on the porch. Houzz put together a list of their 13 top tips to have your home prepared for the fun that spring and summer will bring.

60 Minutes or Less

  • Check on exterior lighting
    • Make sure porch and landscaping lights, and motion-sensing security lamps are in working order. If something's not right, replace bulbs and batteries or schedule maintenance. 
  • Care for your potted plants
    • Now is the time to bring out the potted plants you've kept indoors during the colder winter months. It's best to help these plants acclimate to the outdoors by finding the sunniest spot in your yard and keep them there for a few weeks before moving them to their permanent spring/summer spot.
  • Have a look at plumbing fixtures
    • ou should make it a point to inspect kitchen and bath fixtures because catching water leaks and recaulking tiles and countertops can prevent costly water damage in the future.
  • Test safety alarms
    • t's important to test batteries in fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure everything is in working order. If you have a fire extinguisher, check its expiration date and replace if needed.

Weekend Tasks

  • Clean the grill
    • armer weather often means cookouts and barbecues, so now marks a perfect time to deep clean your grill for the season. The grates and interior should be cleaned with a grill brush and the interior can be washed with warm water and soap. Bring your utensils inside and give them a wash and grab propane or charcoal if you're running low. Gas grills will need their fuel lines and burner holes checked for clogs and cracks.
  • Edge the walkways
    • f you have paths around your garden, now is the time to edge, pull weeds, add fresh gravel, and replace or repair broken stones.
  • Wash walls and do paint touch-ups
    • acuum and/or wash your walls and touch up trim or wall paint if you notice nicks or scratches.
  • Clean display/infrequently used items
    • f you store things on shelves for decoration or items that aren't used often, now is the time to pull them off the shelf and give everything a wash and dust.
  • Bedroom refresher
    • ay is an excellent time to rotate your mattress, do a deep dust and refresh your bedding with something lighter.
  • Give your laundry room some attention
    • se tub cleaner or vinegar and run a cycle through your washing machine. When done, wipe the inside of the washer and dryer, remove lint from vents, and vacuum around appliances. Now is also an opportune moment to restock supplies and clean countertops and/or cabinets.

Heavy Duty Maintenance

  • Paint or stain your home
    • his time of year is great for exterior paint projects because of the generally mild temperature. Call your painters or pick up the materials yourself and get your house looking its best.
  • Make a picnic pack
    • ut together a picnic kit to make it easy to embark on an impromptu alfresco feast. Think simple, such as a cheese board and knife, bottle opener, a few dishes and a blanket.
  • Revamp your porch
    • ransform your porch into an inviting and relaxing space by adding a swing or chairs. 

For more May home tips, read the full Houzz article here.