Commuting from Bainbridge is a Breeze

Commuting is never usually the highlight of someone’s day. It can be hard to start the day off right when you are navigating your way through exhaustive lines of traffic and your coffee is cold before you even arrive to work. But what if all that could change?

Here on the island, we have a different perspective of commutes. We’re usually greeted by our friends or neighbors as we board the ferry from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle. The endless sea of taillights is traded for the calming waters of The Sound and the freeway views are swapped for sweeping mountain vistas.

Admittedly biased, we think we have one of the most beautiful commutes—and the Smithsonian agrees! In April of this year, they named the Seattle to Bainbridge ferry as one of the seven most scenic ferry rides in the U.S. and with unbeatable views of the Seattle skyline, that’s hard to argue.

Those living on Bainbridge Island are often invested in a job or career downtown yet enchanted by the lifestyle Bainbridge Island has to offer. With the ease of a ride across the water, residents can wake up on an island and be in the heart of Seattle in as little as 35 minutes. We enjoy the privacy, tranquility and peacefulness of slow island living all while being within a close proximity to downtown.

If you’ve ever considered moving to Bainbridge Island but have been concerned about the commute rest assured, trading the crowded highway for open water is always a win. For a peek at the daily ferry schedule, visit here.