Matterport Technology and 3D Home Tours

Within the real estate market, my team and I are always evolving forward and seeking to provide buyers and sellers with innovative marketing practices and an unparalleled real estate experience.

We have utilized Matterport 3D models as a unique tool for prospective home buyers to fully immerse themselves in a virtual tour of a property without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

As Seattle and its surrounding areas have become more globalized, with increased foreign investment and many individuals moving to the area for jobs in the tech industry, these virtual tours have become increasingly crucial tool as it allows prospective buyers to get a sense of what it is really like to be in a home without have to set up an in-person viewing.

Caleb Melvin, Marketing Manager for the Dennis Paige team, talked recently about the importance of this technology for out-of-town buyers; "4 our of our last 5 listings sold to a buyer from out of the area. Bainbridge is a unique and desirable place, but not exactly easy to drop by an open house for those in other cities. Matterport gives the buyer another way to discover the home and get excited to make the trip."

This innovative home viewing experience also offers a great advantage to our sellers as the it provides buyers with a comprehensive look inside a property without sellers having to leave their homes for an in person showing which can take hours.

In utilizing Matterport 3D models, we are offering buyers with a unique real estate experience and creating a smooth and efficient real estate transaction for clients. "All home buyers use google maps to get a sense of the neighborhood when looking at homes. There is something compelling about using your own perspective to look at a property, instead of the perspective of the photographer. Matterport is invaluable in giving this rich experience to the interior of a home...allowing the buyer to discover the home as they would in person" remarked Melvin.

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See the stunning properties below and immerse yourself in a 3D property tour.