Extraordinary Getaways: Italy!

Continuing my series on the extraordinary getaways from around the world, we are landing in Italy for our next stop.  (See part 1: France)

We are exploring comparable price points to Bainbridge Island, with the idea of packing up and leaving the country for a while, and found some interesting getaways I would like to share. From Venice to Reggello, if you sold your home in the $800k-1.5M price point you could have some pretty wonderful options.


How could you not love this classic farmhouse? The setting is just so perfect and the wood detailing inside creates such an intimate feel! Couldn't you just see yourself spending all day outside on the patio with a cup of coffee?

Volta Mantovana Mantova, Mantua, 46049 Italy


I would be remiss without taking a trip through Venice, and what a charming apartment I found! It is a bit modern, which tends to not be my style, but stick with me because it has one feature that makes this home my favorite on the list...its own water gate for private boat arrivals! (see photo) Incredible!

Venice, Venice, Italy


This one caught my eye, because well how couldn’t it! This incredibly stately 15th century stone watermill home is just so romantic. And check out that kitchen!

Reggello Reggello, Florence, 50066 Italy